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Critical Book Review – The Maxwell Leadership Bible by John C Maxwell

Noted organizational development expert, Dr. John Maxwell, shared his belief the Bible provides the greatest examples of supervisor leadership. He then works thorough the Bible to illustrate his position and to stay true to his definition of supervisor leadership that being influence (Original source: J. Oswald Sanders)

Using the King James version as his primary resource, Maxwell walks the reader through each book of the Bible. At the beginning of each Book he provides:

A Summary
God’s Role
People of Influence
Lessons in Leadership
Leadership Highlights

Then throughout each Book, Maxwell has call out boxes bringing attention to a specific verse or passage with the focus on supervisor leadership. He also identified 21 qualities required to be a leader and communication is one of them along with 21 Laws of Leadership. A complete listing of these laws and qualities are found as the end of this book. These lists of 21 later became two additional books.

For example in the first book of the Bible, Genesis, the fall from grace is really a communication challenge between Adam and Eve. Continuing with communication, in the iBook of John (New Testament), he identifies how Jesus revealed the secret of good communication by keeping it short, simple, significant and making it sizzle.

What Maxwell has done is to provide another filter from which to view the Bible. His remarks and questions stir the intellect to a deeper understanding of not only supervisor leadership, but the essence of the Bible. To highlight each Book of the Bible would take away much of what Maxwell is attempting to do.

However, if you are searching for a new or better way to understand the Bible and more importantly yourself, then this book is one you may wish to add to your collection.

From a personal perspective, I especially enjoyed the last book, Revelation, and how this is really the summation of great supervisor leadership.

Chicago Executive Coach Leanne Hoagland Smith helps with supervisor leadership development to sales skills.

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